Ex-Cable Exec Lamont Beats Lieberman


Incumbent Democratic Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has conceded the Democratic primary to former Cablevision executive Ned Lamont.

But Lamont will face Lieberman again in the general election. Lieberman Tuesday night launched an independent run for the seat, a race many political pundits say he can win.

Lamont, a political novice, decided to take on Lieberman on the issue of the war in Iraq, which Lieberman suported. Lamont ran the Cablevision system in Fairfield, Conn., before launching his own company. CNN's Ted Turner is said to be one of his heroes.

Lieberman has reportedly asked for an investigation into the hacking and crashing of his Web site on election day.

"'Stay the course' was not a winning strategy in Iraq," said Lamont in celebrating his victory. The government is making a lot of bad choices, he said, adding that the healthcare system is broken and it's time to fix it. Ditto with the budget.  "we're mortgaging the future," he said.
Lamont, flanked by the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, said there were 63 lobbyists in Washington for every legislator, all watching out for special interest. It's time to fix Congress.
He also called for bringing the troops home to a hero's welcome from the midst of a bloody civil war in Iraq, what he called Bush's failed foreign policy.
Also losing in her primary was incumbent Georgia Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney, whose pushing of a Capitol security guard dominated the cable 24-hour news cycle earlier this year, a media hit from which she was unable to recover.