Everson Brings Madison Avenue Experience to Facebook

Sales head remarks upon social network's importance

Carolyn Everson made news in February when she exited her
9-month role as corporate vice president at Microsoft to become Facebook's vice
president, global sales, reported
Ad Age.

Facebook's rapidly growing number of users, including
brands, makes the social media network a vital outlet for advertisers. The
company had been searching for a sales head since Mike Murphy exited last fall
to join Facebook partner Zynga as an adviser. Microsoft, as an investor and
ad-sales partner with Facebook, reacted to Everson's abrupt departure with a
potential lawsuit. Before she joined Microsoft, Everson served as MTV Networks
ad sales' COO and led the company to a $500 million advertising deal with
Microsoft in 2007.

"My responsibility -- and one of the reasons why Facebook
brought me here -- is to work with the largest brands and largest agencies. My
experience with Madison Avenue is what I'm bringing to Facebook," Eversonn said
in an interview with Ad Age. "Everyone is really eager to partner with
Facebook, and I see tremendous interest in Facebook, more interest than in any
other company I've worked for -- and that's why I joined. The companies are
asking for help in how to bring their brands to life."