Eurocinema to Launch on DirecTV

Satellite-TV service adds on-demand network devoted to bringing European, international film to North American audiences.

Eurocinema, an on-demand network devoted to bringing European and international film to North American audiences, will debut Aug. 1 on DirecTV’s on-demand platform due to a partnership with the company.

Eurocinema features a combination of contemporary and classic movie titles, as well as prize winners at worldwide music festivals that cover the work of directors Pedro Almodovar, Roman Polanski, Ari Kaurismaki and Jean Luc Godard. The films also feature stars such as Monica Bellucci, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Penelope Cruz, along with many others.

All feature films will be the focus of a hosted two-hour thematic programming block that will provide perspective on the main theme, with content such as host commentary, original documentaries and director interviews and rarely seen short-format films relevant to the feature.

New films that are set to premiere on Eurocinema include Summer ’04, Le Petit Lieutenant, Under the Moonlight and My Brother Is an Only Child.

“We’re delighted to launch on the DirecTV on-demand platform, which offers its millions of customers access to more than 4,000 on-demand titles,” said Sebastian Perioche, chairman and CEO of EuroMedia Holdings, parent of Eurocinema. “Thanks to the mainstream industry and consumer recognition of their quality, as well as the tremendous surge in immigrant communities across the country, foreign films are enjoying a renaissance in the United States. This launch provides an ideal platform to reach these communities by greatly expanding our brand beyond the realm of cable television.”

“DirecTV is committed to delivering the most robust programming lineup available and with Eurocinema’s unique product offering, we will be able to provide even more value to on-demand customers nationwide,” said Todd Matthers, vice president and general counsel of DirecTV.