ET's Cojocaru Needs Kidney


Entertainment Tonight correspondent Steven Cojocaru said he has a genetic disorder that will require him to undergo a kidney transplant within the next few months.

The fashion guru, known to fans as Cojo, is working on an hour daily talk show that Paramount hopes to bring into syndication next fall.

Paramount Domestic Television President John Nogawski says that he believes the surgery won't sidetrack the show.

And for now, it's business as usual for Cojo, who's in his 40s.

He headed off for an interview with Jude Law Monday morning after taping an ET segment with Mary Hart about his illness. "I feel great. The prognosis is excellent," Cojocaru says in that segment. He was diagnosed with the disorder during a general checkup.

A potential donor has been identified and physicians have begun a multi-week process to confirm the match. 

His physician, Stanley Jordan of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, says the best thing for Cojo to do is keep working.

"Steven will live a normal life after the transplant," says Jordan says in an interview with ET. "He is coming to us in a very good state because he has been on a very healthy diet already."

The surgery hasn't affected Paramount's efforts to sell the proposed hour show.