ET Cleared Through 2012


Distributors were putting their latest station clearances in flashing neon lights Wednesday as the programming convention in Las Vegas wound down.

Entertainment Tonight, syndicated magazine ratings leader seemingly in perpetuity, has been renewed for its longest license term ever--a six-year hitch through 2012--in 60% of the country.

ET spin-off entertainment magazine, Insider, was feeling the love and benefiting from the strength of the mothership. It was also renewed for a whopping six years in five of the top six markets, where it runs back-to back with ET.

King World’s latest talker, Rachael Ray, has been sold in 93% of the country and on 150 stations for fall 2006, according to the distributor.

Coming as no surprise, Warner Bros. has officially declared freshman talker Tyra a firm go for fall, having cleared the show for a second season on stations topping 70% of the country.