ESPNews To Celebrate Tenth Anniversary


ESPNews will celebrate its tenth anniversary Wednesday with a series of special features including a sports-themed music video featuring game highlights set to a song performed by actor Jack Black.

Throughout the day, the network will air extensive montages recapping stories, moments and events from the decade in which ESPNews has been on the air, as well as bloopers.

The network is now in 51.7 million homes, having grown significantly since it launched in just 1.5 million homes in 1996. Distribution has grown 13% since last October.

The network also skews the youngest and most upscale of any of the ESPN networks, and according to ESPN is the only ad-supported cable network with an audience that has both a median income over $60,000 and median age under 40.

ESPNews has been a player for ESPN with its round-the-clock sports news coverage, as the network’s third quarter for 2006 was its most-watched quarter in network history.

Part of its success is also due to its toned-down voice compared to the relatively over-the-top way in which ESPN’s flagship show SportsCenter delivers its highlights, with anchors seeming to trip over each other in an effort to coin the newest catch phrase for a home run or slam dunk.

ESPNews also has build its reputation and value to sports fans as a home for major televised announcements and news conferences, such as this week’s Major League Baseball Gold Glove awards and next week’s Major League Soccer Most Valuable Player award.