ESPN.Com Adds Free Fantasy Baseball


While sports have been migrating from free to pay platforms--MNF, All-Star games, soon one or the other of the MLB league championship series--ESPN is going the other direction with online sports games. has decided to make a free version of its fantasy baseball game available starting next year.

It has had a premium online baseball game since 1995, but had decided to add a free version to help drive eyeballs to the games both by getting them into the tent--make that ballpark--where they can upgrade to the $29.95-per-team game if they are serious players and want the extra functionality and "bells and whistles," and by giving them a bigger audience to sell to advertisers across both games.

The free version of baseball will allow players to essentially set their own league rules, deciding how the game should be scored and points accrued.

The move follows's addition of a free version of fantasy football a couple of years ago.