ESPN takes us to the Junction


ESPN's second original movie will tackle legendary college football coach
Bear Bryant's controversial, but memorable, method for building a championship

The Junction Boys, based on a book by Jim Dent, tells the story of Texas
A&M University's 1954 football training camp. Then-coach Bryant gathered
prospective players in Junction, Texas, for a 10-day training camp in 120-degree
temperatures. 100 players labored for hours without food or water, and 35
eventually made the team.

ESPN plans to debut the movie in December, just as college football's bowl
season get underway. Veteran producer Orly Adelson will executive producer and
the movie is written and directed by Michael Robe.

ESPN's first made-for-TV Season on the Brink, about controversial
former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, debuted last March. The
project logged high ratings but also created a stir thanks to a generous amount
of expletives.