ESPN sells five on X-Games Global event


ESPN has booked three major, or "gold," sponsors and two lesser,
"associate" sponsors for its first-ever X-Games Global Championship, set for
May 17 through 21.

General Motors Corp.'s Chevrolet, AT&T Corp.'s 1-800 CALL ATT and McDonald's Corp. are the gold
sponsors, according to ESPN and ABC Sports president of customer marketing and
sales Ed Erhardt. McDonald's is a first-time sponsor of the X-Games

PepsiCo Inc.'s Mountain Dew LiveWire and Universal Pictures' The Hulk will
be associate sponsors.

Coverage will be spread across ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports (which will air a
one-hour highlight special May 25).

The event will present the summer and winter action of extreme-sports
competitions simultaneously; 12 hours will originate from San Antonio (for the
Summer X-Games) and from Canada (for the Winter Games).

All told, 126 athletes will compete, grouped into six regions: United States,
Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.