ePort Passes $100M Mark

Television Bureau of Advertising's 'electronic bridge between stations, agencies, rep firms' tops $100M in order volume.

ePort, the Television Bureau of Advertising’s “electronic bridge that enables eBusiness transactions between stations, agencies and rep firms,” passed the $100 million mark in order volume, the TVB reported at its forecast conference in New York Thursday.

“This is an important milestone on the way to our goal of developing local broadcast television’s equivalent of the interstate highway system,” TVB executive vice president Abby Auerbach said. “We want every buyer in the country to connect electronically with every television station and/or rep firm and make our medium the easiest to buy.”’

Auerbach said volume is growing by 17% per week.

Several major broadcasters -- such as LIN TV, Allbritton Communications and the Fox Television Stations -- are on board with ePort, which launched in January with 644 stations on board.