ENG hopefuls weary of delays


Give the broadcasters what they want and move on, say most of the satellite telecom providers that are vying for spectrum that the broadcasters are now using to beam news coverage from the field to their stations.

AT & T Wireless and Celsat America are urging the FCC to ignore one of their own and start issuing licenses for portions of the electronic newsgathering spectrum located on the 2 GHz band.

AT & T and Celsat are criticizing ICO Global Communications for hindering reallocation of the spectrum with a fight to reduce the cost of moving broadcasters to other parts of the band.

The plan currently under consideration at the FCC would require new users to fully compensate broadcasters for replacing or retuning their ENG equipment.

"ICO continues to waste the commission's time with yet another attempt to undermine the process and avoid paying their rightful costs to relocate existing 2 GHz license holders," AT & T told regulators in a May 1 letter. ICO is undergoing bankruptcy reorganization.