Endemol's Goldberg: Still Hope for The One


Endemol USA President David Goldberg says he is not yet ready to give up on his unfortunately named ABC alternative series The One, which debuted to record-low ratings of a 1.0 and 1.1 in the adult 18-49 demo in its first two airings last week.  Endemol USA is the producer of the show. 

Goldberg says one problem may have been too little focus on letting the audience get to know the contestants prior to the signing competition.

“We may have made the mistake of not spending enough time getting to know these characters,” he says.  “We are going to try to spend more time on the characters.”

Goldberg says while the “tough” lead-in of a George Lopez repeat and ABC’s summer ratings doldrums in general have not helped, the numbers were even lower than he expected.

“There is no question they were a surprise,” he says.  “No one had an illusion of big numbers. We thought if we could start out with twos, we’d be in good shape.”

Goldberg is hoping his show goes the way of the United Kingdom version, which he says also started out with disastrous ratings before building and eventually making it to a fourth season. 

But he says he knows the show has to turn things around quickly before the network pulls the plug.

“I hope to have a few weeks,” he says.  “We are realistic, we are in a dog fight.”