Endemol To Produce For User-Generated Site


Break.com, an online entertainment channel for men, and reality producer Endemol USA, (Deal or No Deal, 1 vs. 100, Big Brother, Fear Factor) have signed a first-look programming partnership in which Endemol will produce original content for Break.com's audience of some 16 million.

It marks the first time Endemol USA has provided content for an established user-generated Web site. Break.com says it streams more than 12 million videos daily to its audience of 15-35-year-old men.

Slated to premiere this summer, Record Breakers will be the first show under the deal. It features both original and use-generated elements.

In each episode, two contestants set out to break a unique record for a cash prize. At the end of each show, viewers are encouraged to attempt the challenge themselves and submit the resulting videos to Break.com. 

"We are excited about the partnership with Break.com because it allows us to take some of our edgier formats directly to that hard-to-reach young male demo, as well as to create new original programming for their vast audience," said Jon Vlassopulos, VP, digital media, Endemol USA. "This deal strengthens our commitment to establishing new partnerships with alternative distribution platforms and also allows us to work more closely with top brands and advertisers."