Emmy show in limbo


Executives at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences were scheduled to meet on Wednesday to decide what to do with the Emmy Awards show.

The 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was scheduled to take place Sunday (8 p.m. ET/PT, CBS) at Los
Angeles' Shrine Auditorium but was postponed Tuesday in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

"We are not setting a date at this meeting, we are determining what our scenarios are and we want to be appropriate and helpful," newly elected ATAS Chairman Bryce Zabel told Broadcasting & Cable.

"There is an attempt on an industry wide basis to reevaluate all things television and the Emmy broadcast is just one part of that."

Sources say the ATAS has cleared both Sunday Sept. 23
and Sunday Oct. 7 at The Shrine Auditorium as possible makeup options.

Now Academy leaders have to decide which date is appropriate.

"The deck has been massively reshuffled and there is nothing that can be taken for granted anymore," says Zabel. "If those are my two choices, I would choose the later one. On the other hand, it isn't just me, it's the TV Academy in concert with CBS, in concert with the overall industry trying to determine what's appropriate and frankly what the right thing to do is here. I personally don't feel I have enough information right now."

One Academy executive said, "There is an enormous amount of divergence of opinions about whether next week is the appropriate time to even try this. One camp wants us to wait another couple of weeks, so we can retool the show and do something that is more in line with the national mood. And then there is another camp that says let's go back next Sunday and put on a show that the country would be proud of. Let's do what Ed Sullivan did after the assassination of JFK. We'll have to see." - Joe Schlosser