Elephants Pick Peacock


Republicans are Tom Brokaw fans, and traditionally conservative talk radio has a big audience among key swing independent voters.

That's according to a new media usage study by Scarborough research.

According to the study of media use broken out by self-proclaimed party affiliation, Republicans are more likely to tune to NBC's evening news than the average viewer, while Democrats are more likely to tune in to ABC and CBS than the average. Independents are about on par with the average, but in the cable news wars, indies are more likely to watch MSNBC than the general public. They are about on par for viewership of CNN and Fox, however.

Democrats are 12% less likely to watch Fox News than the average, while Republican's are particular fans of "fairness and balance" at 33% more likely to watch Fox than the average.

In talk radio, Republicans and independents are heavy listeners at 28% above the average and 22% above, respectively, while Democrats are 15% below average consumption.

"As political campaigns heat up, where voters get their news is obviously increasingly important, says Scarborough President and CEO Bob Cohen.