Eisner takes bashing from L.A. Times


On its editorial page Sunday, the Los Angeles Times took direct aim
at embattled The Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner, saying he "shoulders the blame for
the company's shortcomings."

The paper's concern is more than just an observation, with the editorial
board saying, "What's bad for Walt Disney Co. is bad for Southern California."

A big part of that problem is ABC, which the paper said "seems to stand for
'Anything But Compelling.'"

The Times also listed the company's key troubles, including its
failure "to identify a successor or a strategic plan to cure the company's
current woes," and the "plunging stock price that led Warren Buffet to sell
shares and prompted tough questions from longtime board members Roy E. Disney
and Stanley P. Gold."

What the Times wants to see "for the sake of Southern California's
entertainment and retail sectors" are more changes in the board of directors
and a clear plan to revive the corporation.