Eisner: Don't fear digital, embrace it


The Walt Disney Co. is changing its policy focus to find a technological
solution that will allow it to comfortably distribute its digital content,
instead of focusing so much on convincing Congress to legislate a copyright

"Many are paralyzed by the fear of digital piracy," chairman
Michael Eisner said Monday, after accepting the National Association of Broadcasters'
"Hall of Fame Award" for The Wonderful World of Disney. "We are mindful of the
perils of piracy, but we will not let fear keep us from innovating how our
product is distributed. To be blunt, if we don't distribute our products to
consumers in a timely manner, the pirates will do it for us."

Disney's Washington, D.C., office has spent much of the past two years working hard
to get the government to intervene to force an industry solution that Congress
could then write into a law.

But the bill that supported that notion, sponsored by Sen. Fritz Hollings
(D-S.C.), stirred a great deal of controversy among public-interest groups and
technology companies, and it didn't make much progress.

That bill hasn't been reintroduced this Congress, and industry sources said that
without strong support from Disney, it is unlikely to