EchoStar: Judge Denies New Trial in Patent Challenge

Forgent Networks Had Sued Cable, DBS Providers Over DVR Patent

EchoStar Communications Friday was celebrating a Texas judge's decision to deny a new trial to Forgent Networks in its patent fight with the direct-broadcast satellite operator.

Forgent had sued cable and DBS operators back in 2005, arguing that the digital-video recorders they sold or leased to subscribers violated Forgent's patent. DirecTV and some cable companies settled before trial -- EchoStar said for $28 million -- while EchoStar did not. DirecTV's sahre of that was $8 million.

A jury took less than one hour back in May to rule in EchoStar's favor in the $200 million suit.

EchoStar said it was awarded $90,000 in court costs.