Ebert & Roeper Gives Thumbs Up to Leno


Tonight show host Jay Leno will have to face the stars of movies to which he gives a thumbs down.

Leno is filling in for ailing critic Roger Ebert on the Aug. 5-6 edition of Buena Vista Television’s syndicated Ebert & Roeper movie review show.

He will tape the episode in Los Angeles next week, with director Kevin Smith named as the show’s second guest host (before he would have had to review his own film, Clerks II, which opens Aug. 18).

Leno will be the first guest co-host while Ebert recuperates at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago from complications related to a salivary gland cancer surgery last month. Reps for the show say Ebert is in good condition.

Roeper and his guest host will review upcoming films that include Will Ferrell, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Greg Kinnear, Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr., all of which will likely be making the talk-show promotion rounds.