Duke Defense Team Blasts Media


The news media got raked over the coals after all sexual assault charges against players on the Duke University lacrosse team were dropped on Tuesday.

The accused players lawyer said the national media had gotten it totally wrong and had pilloried the students unmercifully over the past 13 months. essentially convicting them in the press.

In a press conference, he said the players had been "mistreated as badly as any group of young people I have ever seen."

He called for "truth in reporting" on the case from now on, and said that he hoped the media would now be able to spell the word "innocent."

David Evans, one of the players, said "fantastic lies" were relayed by people who had never interviewed him, saying the entire country was against them and adding that some in the media had equated the players to Hitler and there had been wanted posters on campus with their pictures on them.

It's up to the Justice system to determine guilt or innocence, said Evans, not the news media.