DTV sales appear to rise


Sales of DTV monitors and TV sets (monitors with integrated tuners) was up 65% in August over August 2000.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 137,854 units were sold and more than $243 million in revenue generated. If our calculator is to be trusted, that puts the per-unit price at about $1,762.

CEA does not break out the number of sets with tuners, which can receive a TV broadcaster's digital signal, from monitors, which require an additional set-top box, so it's tough to tell how many of those are gearing up for broadcasters switch to digital and how many are getting it as a monitor for their DVD player. The latter, of course, can always add a set-top tuner.

The lack of figures for monitors and integrated receivers might suggest an attempt by the electronics industry to exaggerate the perception of DTV broadcast-ready set penetration. In fact, Federal Trade Commission rules stand in the way, according to a CEA researcher.

For competitive reasons, FTC guildelines prevent the breaking out of a figure in a category with three or fewer manufacturers. All told, 1.1 million DTV sets/monitors have been sold this year. - John Eggerton