DTV Coupon Redemption Ends With Over $1 Billion Worth Unused

Approximately 30 million coupons unredeemed as program ends

The government's DTV converter box coupon program has officially ended, with approximately 30 million, or $1.2 billion worth of coupons, going unredeemed.

The Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition Thursday pointed out that Nov. 9 was the last day that they could redeem the $40 coupons issued by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration.

CERC said that it had redeemed approximately 35 million coupons, which could be applied toward the purchase of a converter box that allows analog TV's to receive a digital over-the-air signal. "The fact that the coupon program ended quietly and with almost no public notice speaks to the hard work and effort so many people poured into the process," said CERC Executive Director Chris McLean.

NTIA mailed a little over 64 million coupons, according to final figures from Oct. 14, which means almost half of them were never redeemed or used.