DSC still plans liquor-ads push


Even though NBC decided last month to pull back on its decision to air liquor ads on TV, the Distilled Spirits Council still plans to push the networks to carry them.

In that vein, DSC president Peter Cressy plans to work with "third-party
advocacy groups," which Cressy would not name, to encourage the beer and wine
industries to accept higher advertising standards that could be applied to all
three: beer, wine and liquor.

That idea has been discussed in the past, but beer and wine have been opposed
to new standards because they already advertise their products on network TV
with great success.

The liquor industry not only would like to be able to advertise its legal
products more freely and on a broader national platform, but it also wants to
present its products as an equal and acceptable alternative to beer and wine.

"The country continues to have the perception that there's something
different or harder about hard alcohol," Cressy said, "and this affects us in
regulatory fees, taxes and so on."

The DSC also believes national TV advertising "will help us to get back some of the
market share that we have lost," Cressy said.

According to the DSC, since 1980, distilled spirits' market share has declined
from approximately 36 percent to 28 percent, while beer's share has increased
from 52 percent to 58 percent and wine's share from 10.5 percent to 12.5