Dropping the Ball


Editor: I liked your suggestions for settling the rift between the NFL Network and the cable industry (“A Political Football,” Dec. 10). Being a Green Bay Packers fan, I, too, missed a good game on TV. [NFL Network aired the Dallas Cowboys-Packers game Nov. 29.] I was a Charter “victim.”

The NFL should realize that most viewers will not care at all for the junk the NFL Network has on, except for three or four games per year. What a waste of bandwidth when ESPN or a broadcast network could run those games!

However, having been a member of a “1960’s marching band,” I was highly offended by your analogy of the quality of most of the programming on the NFL Network. The band I was in (Milwaukee Lake Band, 1965-70) was fantastic and enjoyed by thousands of Americans. Please find a better analogy next time.

Kevin K. Ruppert


Madison, Wis.