Dorgan Plans Media Concentration Amendment


Veteran media ownership critic Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) said Thursday he would take aim at "big Media" in the telecom reform bill.

Dorgan said that he planned to introduce an amendment on the already omnibus bill to slow the "orgy of concentration."

The issue is something of a drumbeat with Dorgan. He tried to block raising the national broadcast ownership cap to 39%, and sought to modify the Senate indecency bill back in 2004 to add a provision staying the FCC's deregulatory ownership rules--a court wound up doing that for him, anyway--until the FCC had studied the effects of consolidation on content.

Somewhat ironically, the generally deregulatory rules Dorgan opposed also tightened radio ownership narrowly to address a situation in Dorgan's own home state, where Clear Channel owned the stations in Minot.