DOJ chronicles Internet-crime crackdown


The Department of Justice Friday touted "Operation E-Con" in a press conference
updating its joint effort with the FBI to crack down on Internet crime.

To date, 130 people have been arrested and more than $17 million in contraband
has been seized.

Crimes against media companies have been included in the haul, such as
February's arrest of 17 people charged with using decryption software to steal
satellite-TV signals in Los Angeles.

Other crimes included arrests for streaming of illegally copied movies and a
Russian-bride scam.

"Cyber swindles and dot-cons present new challenges to law enforcement," Attorney General John Ashcroft said. "The Internet enables criminals to cloak
themselves in anonymity, making it imperative that law enforcement act more
quickly to stop newly emerging schemes before the perpetrators can disappear in
the World Wide Web."