Doh! Simpsons Tops WGAs


Fox's The Simpsons nabbed four nominations for Writers Guild Awards in the animation category, claiming more nods for writing than any television program.

That program helped bring Fox's total to 8 nominations, placing it in a tie for first with PBS, whose count was boosted by lauds for its documentaries.

HBO, which claimed the most golden statues at this year's Emmys, got seven nods.

Among shows, 60 Minutes II, got an appropriate two nods--one for a show on heart transplants and one on Martha Stewart. 

HBO's Sex and the City and NBC's long-running The West Wing each claimed two nominations.

The Guiding Light was spotlighed for best writing on a daytime serial, an awardit is sure to win since the CBS soap was the only show named in that category. The nominated writers probably still have to wait to claim their statue at the Feb. 19 awards ceremony, though.

Here's a list of nominees for writing in key categories:

Episodic Drama:

  • West Wing, NBC, John Sacret Young & Josh Singer, Memorial Day
  • West Wing, NBC, Debora Cahn, The Supremes
  • Six Feet Under, HBO, Craig Wright, Falling into Place
  • Sopranos, HBO, Terence Winter, Long Term Parking

Episodic Comedy:

  • Sex and the City, HBO, Jenny Bicks and Cindy Chupack, Splat!
  • Sex and the City, HBO, Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky, The Ick Factor
  • Arrested Development, FOX, Jim Vallely & Mitchell Hurwitz, Pier Pressure
  • Wonderfalls , Fox, Bryan Fuller, Story By Todd Holland, Pilot
  • Malcolm in the Middle, FOX, Neil Thompson, Ida's Boyfriend

Long Form - Original

  • Redemption, FX, J.T. Allen
  • Something the Lord Made, HBO, Peter Silverman and Robert Caswell
  • Spinning Boris, Showtime, Yuri Zeltser & Cary Bickley

Long Form - Adapted

  • Cavedweller, Showtime, Anne Meredith
  • The Wool Cap, TNT, William H. Macy & Steven Schachter
  • Angels in America, HBO, Tony Kushner


  • Simpsons, Fox, Joel Cohen, Today I am a Clown
  • Simpsons, Fox, Don Payne, Fraudcast News
  • Simpsons, Fox, Julie Chambers & David Chambers, Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Simpsons, Fox, Ian Maxtone-Graham, Catch Me If You Can
  • Justice League, Cartoon, Rich Fogel, John Ridley, Dwayne McDuffie,Starcrossed