DOE Slammed in IG Report

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Back in March 2005, the Department of Education reassessed its funding for Ready To Learn shows fromm PBS, saying the program needed to be more research-based and targeted to early childhood education for poor children.

It was seen as a smackdown from DOE to noncoms after the flap over an episode of Ready to Learn series Postcards From Buster that featured a lesbian couple.

Now, the grant process for DOE's own poster-program for research-based early childhood education for poor kids, Reading First, has been slammed in a DOE Inspector General's report. "Program officials failed to maintain a control environment that exemplifies management integrity and accountability," the IG concluded, saying tDEO tried to exercise undue control over the curriculum and recommending a laundry list of fixes to make the process more accountable.

DOE Secretary Margaret Spellings has promised to take remedial action.