Dodd To Debut at NATO Summit

Will give first speech as MPAA CEO
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Motion Picture Association of America CEO Chris Dodd will make his first speech
in that job at the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO)/CinemaCon convention
March 29 in Las Vegas.

who joined the MPAA March 17, will deliver
a state of the industry address alongside NATO CEO John Fithian.

word on what he will talk about, but the motion picture industry is coming off
a banner year in 2010
driven in part by the popularity of 3D
(and those additional glasses charges). But it faces the challenge of
protecting distribution in a world filled with online digital pirates.

owners have long been concerned that the studios are shortening their
distribution windows and migrating their movies to other distribution platforms
-- like cable and satellite and online --
that they can more easily control, though in the case of online piracy control
is no easy task.

is the former Democratic senator from Connecticut.