The Doctor is out


Dr. Laura Schlessinger's daytime TV talk show is history.

The Paramount Domestic Television syndicated show wrapped production Friday with sources saying the controversial series will not be back for a second season. Dr. Laura has been at the center of protests from gay and lesbian groups since before it launched last September. Paramount taped a full season's worth of episodes so the 232 stations carrying the talker will have enough to get through the summer.

"We set out to create a program that offered daytime audiences a true alternative and we succeeded," Schlessinger said in a statement. "I believe it could have earned a substantial audience in time, but the television-advertiser boycott precluded that. Ironically, there were no protests by any special-interest group about any single television episode we produced this season."

Dr. Laura was downgraded by CBS O&Os in major markets shortly after it was launched. Schlessinger continues to host a daily syndicated radio show with Premiere Radio Networks.