Dobbs Makes Spanish Pitch for Border Security


CNN's Lou Dobbs, one of the most outspoken critics of the nation's border security, has taken his arguments for stepped-up security on the U.S./Mexico border to Univision's Spanish-language station in the nation's top market, WXTV New York. (Dobbs spoke in English and was translated into Spanish).

In an interview planned for next week, Dobbs reiterates that the flood of illegal immigrants is "absolutely an illegal invasion," according to the station, and adds that “we are destroying the way of life for an entire generation," according to a written excerpts of the interview supplied by the station. It is a point Dobbs has made frequently in the "Broken Borders" segment of his 6-7 p.m. CNN show.

The comments came in an interview with Univision's Antonio Martinez for WXTV's 11 p.m. news Feb. 28 and March 1. Martinez is a legal immigrant who became a citizen seven years ago.

Taking the other side of the argument was Arturo Sarukhan, former Consul General of Mexico in New York, who was interviewed for the broadcast. He countered that: "“The Mexicans who are crossing the border are not here because they drive a Mazda in Mexico and now they want a Mercedes Benz.  They are here because they have to put food on the table.”