DNC Campaign Doesn't Stop ABC's 9/11


The Democratic National Committee says it collected over 100,000 signatures on a petition to try to block ABC's airing of Path to 9/11.

It began an e-mail campaign late last week to get members to complain to Disney. Separately, anti-Big Media activist group Free Press called on its members to file complaints against the show with the FCC as part of its open proceeding on media ownership.

The DNC's signatures notwithstanding, ABC aired the first half of its two-part drama Sunday night, though with some telegraphed edits that, according to AP, tempered the charge that President Clinton had been distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Democrats had complained that the show was biased against the Clinton administration and contained inaccuracies that smeared Clinton officials. ABC said to wait and see the show before complaining.

ABC included in its Sunday broadcast numerous onscreen disclaimers that the film was not a documentary and contained fictionalized scenes, compressed time lines and composite characters.

It was also editing last week after the storm of criticism. Though the film continued to paint the administration as weak and officials, including National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, as failing to take action at key points.