Disney/ABC Realigns Communications


Disney/ABC is restructuring its broadcast and cable communications division to coordinate its message across channels and dayparts.

It has created six departments by function, each headed by a VP or senior VP, reporting to Kevin Brockman, senior VP, communications.

Remaining in key posts are vets Jeffrey Schneider, VP, ABC News Communications, and Julie Hoover, VP, corporate communications. Schneider oversees communications for Good Morning America, World News Tonight, 20/20, Primetime and Nightline, as well as ABC News Radio, ABC News Now and ABC News.com. Hoover heads communications for government and labor relations, affiliate relations, sales, marketing, research, and community outreach, as well as ABC Radio and the owned TV stations.

Nicole Nichols, VP, media relations, will be senior VP, entertainment communications, Disney-ABC Television Group.

Sharon Williams, VP, media relations, ABC TV Network, will be senior VP, communications resources, coordinating support divisions including photography and new media; broadcast and ratings publicity, editorial services, talent relations, and business management.

Patti McTeague, VP, media relations, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group, will be VP, kids communications, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group.

Siobhan Kenny, VP, branded TV communications, for Europe, Middle East and Africa, will become acting head of international communications.