Disney Outlets to Promote Redesigned $20 Bill


It may look like funny money, but that new green, peach and blue $20 bill is
the real article, and sources said the U.S. Treasury is spending an estimated
500,000 of them ($10 million) on The Walt Disney Co. media properties over two weeks in early
October to get the word out.

Get-the-word-outlets included in the deal are the broadcast network (prime
time, daytime, news and sports), ABC Family, ESPN, Buena Vista Television
syndicated shows, A&E Network and The History Channel.

In addition to spots, there are several product-integration elements, sort of.
Meredith Vieira will talk up the new bill on The View and Who Wants to
be a Millionaire

Live with Regis and Kelly will also do a "Host Chat" segment on the bill.

The campaign kicks off Oct. 9, the day the new bill is released to the
public. ABC Unlimited and MediaEdge:cia negotiated the deal.