Disney online units cut more jobs


ABCNews.com has laid off an
unspecified number of workers in the second job cutback at the online news
operation this year as part of a larger round of layoffs at Walt Disney Internet

An ABCNews.com spokeswoman confirmed a Web report about
the layoffs, but declined to provide the number of people affected.

ABC laid off the entire staff of its unsuccessful Go.com portal in January, with ABCNews.com layoffs following in February.

ABC officially shut down its Mr. ShowBiz site
, as it previously announced it would.

Press reports put the number of employees laid off by
the Disney Web group at 125, with 25 of those at ABCNews.com.

'ABCNews.com has realized efficiencies from better integration with the ABC
News Television Group,' the ABCNews.com spokeswoman said, 'and is able to
produce the site at current content levels with a smaller team.'

Representatives of the Walt Disney Internet Group were unavailable to confirm
the reports of the additional layoffs.

The layoffs come on the heels of cutbacks at ABC.com that eliminated 85% of its staff. - Richard Tedesco