Dish to Reverse ‘AutoHop’ Feature for Super Bowl

Option will let viewers skip game, watch only the ads the day after

Dish Network will put its controversial AutoHop feature to use during Super Bowl Sunday in a way that should bring joy to advertisers as well as to consumers who are more interested in the ads than the game itself.

Dish said it will implement a “Reverse AutoHop” feature on its Hopper Whole-Home HD-DVR during the day of the game that will enable customers to skip the game and watch all of the commercials in succession the day after the game … so long as they activate the PrimeTime Anytime feature for NBC  prior to the Super Bowl. Dish Hopper customers will of course be able to re-watch the game too.

“This day is about two things: football and commercials, and for good reason -- both are entertaining and our customers love them,” said Vivek Khemka, Dish’s senior VP of product management, in a statement. “We’ve decided to flip our user-enabled ad-skipping feature on its head so customers can watch the ads uninterrupted the next day when everyone is talking about them.”

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