Dish Offers Multiple Viewpoints On Election

"Mosaic" simultaneously displays six news networks through November 7.

Satellite operator Dish Network has updated its interactive mosaic, a channel which displays multiple live feeds on a single TV screen, to simultaneously air six 24-hour news channels during the 2008 election cycle. Beginning yesterday and running through Nov. 7, Dish’s mosaic on Ch. 100 will show simultaneous feeds of Fox News Channel (Ch. 205), CNN (Ch. 200), MSNBC (Ch. 209), CNN Headline News (Ch. 202), CSPAN (Ch. 210) and CSPAN2 (Ch. 212).

The interactive mosaic channel has previously been used to provide multiple views of live sporting events like the Olympics. Dish Network subscribers can enter the interactive application by accessing Ch. 100, or by pressing the “Dish” button on their remote control and selecting “Dish Decision 2008.” The interactive content on Dish Decision 2008, which the satellite operator has provided since May, includes news and information about the Presidential candidates, as well as state-by-state news, information and polling about Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates.

“During this election season, Dish Network subscribers have access to a number of unique interactive features, from our six-channel mosaic to Dish Decision 2008, where they can stay engaged with information about the candidates and breaking election news,” said Michael Kelly, executive vice president for Dish Network, in a statement. “Dish Network continues to enhance its interactive services to provide added value features for subscribers while delivering targeted viewer measurement opportunities for our clients.”