Dish Next To Queue Up Home Premiere?

Satellite giant is "evaluating" premium movie service
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Dish Network could be the next multichannel video service provider to launch the controversial premium on demand service, Home Premiere, according to reports.

Home Premiere was launched in April by DirecTV, and offers select movies about 60 days after their theatrical release for $30. The service, backed by four major movie studios - Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures -- has drawn some fire from theater owners who fear the service will cut into their already pressured box office receipts.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Dish Network executive vice president Tom Cullen said that Dish would likely be the next in line to offer Home Premiere and would have terms similar to DirecTV, including the $30 price point.

Cullen told Bloomberg that Dish was in talks with the movie studios and that no final decision has been made to offer Home Premiere.

Dish Network spokesman Marc Lumpkin said that Dish is evaluating the service.

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