Dish Bolts on Blockbuster Hybrid DVD, Streaming Service

'Movie Pass' service initially aimed at luring and retaining satellite TV customers

Dish Network is angling to shore up its declining subscriber base -- and poach disgruntled Netflix subscribers -- with Blockbuster Movie Pass, a hybrid DVD-by-mail and streaming service starting at $10 extra per month.

Initially, Dish will offer the Internet-video service only to its satellite TV customers. Non-Dish subs will be able to sign up for Blockbuster service soon, executives said.

The Blockbuster Movie Pass service, available starting Oct. 1, will include: 100,000-plus movies, TV shows and videogames available by mail; 3,000 movies available on the TV; and more than 4,000 movies streamed to a PCs.

"We're totally focused on the needs of the consumer and the vulnerabilities of our competitors," said Dish CEO Joe Clayton at a press conference in San Francisco last Friday (Sept. 16).

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