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Discovery Acquires Treehugger.com

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Discovery Communications has acquired eco-lifestyle Website Treehugger.com.

 Treehugger.com is a Webby Award-winning site that features blogs, news, and broadband content with a focus on driving sustainability and providing ecological information.

 The acquisition is part of Discovery’s multiplatform environmental initiative Planet Green, the centerpiece of which will be a 24-hour eco-lifestyle network of the same name set to launch in early 2008.

 “TreeHugger.com strengthens Discovery’s 20-year commitment to being the global leader in information and resources that empower consumers to make small changes that can have a big impact,” said Eileen O’Neill, President and General Manager, Planet Green in a statement. “TreeHugger.com is going to contribute to the development of a multi-platform action-oriented green offering, which will include the launch of Planet Green’s branded website later this year. TreeHugger.com’s unique voice is yet another way that Planet Green will be entertaining, educating and empowering. ”