DirecTV tops in satisfaction


DirecTV Inc. got the highest marks for customer satisfaction according to a
just-released J.D. Power & Associates survey of cable and satellite

Of the 14 "major" providers in the survey, DirecTV had the highest rating at
an indexed score of 113.

The index took into account "cost of service; credibility/billing; program
offerings; equipment and service capabilities; customer service; and reception

In fact, satellite took the first two spots, with EchoStar Communications Corp.'s Dish network coming in No.
2 with a score of 111, followed by WideOpenWest LLC (102), Cox Communications Inc. (101) and RCN Corp. (98).

The study held something for cable-service people to hang their hard hats on.
Although cable didn't make it into the top two in the indexed customer-service
score, for the first time, the study said, satisfaction with cable-company
technician visits topped that of satellite-company technician visits.

The study showed the cost of cable service averaging $47.08 per month, with
satellite weighing in at $50.71.

The study is based on responses from 4,000 households. The 14 "major
providers" account for more than 80 percent of domestic cable/satellite service.