DirecTV sells 4.1M Thomson shares


DirecTV Inc. announced that it has sold 4.1 million shares of Thomson
Multimedia out of the 12.9 million it owns through DirecTV Enterprises Inc., a
wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Electronics Corp., in order to contribute to
the development of its activities.

The Thomson shares were acquired in December 1998, when Thomson's capital was
first opened.

This disposal, compatible with the agreement of 1998, brings DirecTV's equity
stake in Thomson to 8.8 million shares, or 3.1 percent of Thomson's capital.

DirecTV and Thomson also confirmed their intention to reinforce their
strategic partnership in the areas of interactive set-top-box receiver-system
supply and development. During the first half of 2001, Thomson's market share of
DirecTV set-top boxes grew to 63 percent.

The two companies announced their intention to cooperate in the areas of
interactivity, storage and broadband access to DirecTV