DirecTV seizes equipment


DirecTV said it executed civil seizure and impoundment orders against 11
businesses that were manufacturing or distributing equipment to pirate its DBS

The orders were executed in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Utah, California and

The raids were conducted by members of DirecTV's Office of Signal Integrity,
Engineering and Legal with support from federal, state and local law

The seizures grew out of an investigation following similar raids on
businesses in Orange County, Calif. last May.

``These seizures, conducted simultaneously against multiple targets,
represent significant enforcement actions in our ongoing campaign against signal
pirates,'' said Larry Rissler, vice president, Office of Signal Integrity for
DirecTV Inc.

``We've put out of business and frozen the assets of an extensive
distribution network that served as fulfillment houses for individuals who sold
signal theft devices on the Internet.

``This clearly demonstrates an effective use of the law under the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act and underscores DirecTV's determination to turn up the
heat on signal pirates wherever they operate,'' he added.