DirecTV Goes for Super NFL Fans


DirecTV subscribers to the NFL Sunday Ticket can expect a number of enhancements this year—as long as they’re willing to pony up an extra $99. The Sunday Ticket’s SuperFan pack includes HD game broadcasts and three new features:

  • Game Mix channels: Two interactive channels that let them watch eight games on the screen at once or watch any of those games at full-screen (and switch back and forth between the two formats).
  • The Red Zone Channel: Offering the equivalent of a highlights channel, DirecTV says viewers will be able to see live-action of critical plays (in the red zone) and also up-to-the-minute highlights.
  • Short Cuts: These channels are designed for the fan tired of sitting through six minutes of commercials after a touchdown is scored. Each will give viewers the chance to watch a game in 30 minutes or less, without commercials or timeouts.