DirectTV To Get FX Hits Early

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DirecTV is getting a little help from the News Corp. family to bolster its video-on-demand (VOD) slate.

In a deal similar to an earlier one cut with NBC and its cable networks, Fox Broadcasting and FX will allow DirecTV to add some of their best shows to a VOD system that employs subscribers DVRs.
The difference is that VOD deals have so far put programming on VOD only after the shows air on their home networks.
In this deal, FX will give episodes of shows like The Shield and Rescue Me to DirecTV before they air on the network.

The Fox deal is more limited, giving DirecTV episodes of shows like 24 and Prison Break only after they air on the broadcast network.

DirecTV will charge $2.99 each for a "first look" of the FX shows 24-48 hours before they air. The DBS service will charge the now-common 99 cents for Fox shows after they air.