Direct Marketers Make Pitch for Network Neutrality


Direct-response marketers made their pitch for network neutrality at a Federal Trade Commission forum in Washington Tuesday.

Barbara Tulipane, president of the Electronic Retailing Association, argued that, while network owners should be able to charge for non-Internet-related broadband applications like video, the Internet should remain "open."

Like other content providers, marketers are concerned they might have to start paying a premium for fast pipe over which to pitch their goods and services.

She also argued that allowing networks to prioritize content based on content "will result in a closed network and will stifle the innovation of both large and small e-retailers."

Supporters of network neutrality have emphasized the threat to the garage startups like Google from economic barriers to entry they say could be erected by networks looking to recoup their investment in building out broadband networks.

The FTC brought together various broadband players for a workshop on what incentives there were to discriminate against content or create economic barriers to entry.