Diplomacy in action


If Ted Turner is unhappy in his new role at the combined AOL-Time Warner, AOL's chief executive Steve Case had a golden opportunity last week to assure him that he's still a valuable asset.

The occasion was CNN's 20th birthday celebration in Atlanta, and, in a speech and press conference, Case made a case for Turner, who, reports said, was feeling left out of many responsibilities in the new media giant.

"He and I, basically, are going to be joined at the hip," Case said in response to a question about Turner's future role. Earlier, Case recalled that, in the late 1970s, his father took him to hear Turner speak. "He struck me as a classic entrepreneur: bold and brash and full of big ideas, completely fearless." Today, Case said, "I'm particularly honored to be working with my hero and partnering with Ted in a way.swinging for the fences on the next 20 years of big ideas."