DIC Nabs Troll Rights

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DIC Entertainment is acquiring the worldwide entertainment and licensing rights to the Troll Co.’s troll, a crazy-haired, bulging-eyed character that DIC is going to turn into a kids’ TV show.

Besides the TV show, Trollz, DIC also is going to launch accompanying videos and merchandise, all of which will be available in 2005. An interactive Web site will launch in December 2004, preceding the show’s debut.

The Troll character was created 50 years ago by Thomas Dam and has generated as much as $5 billion in worldwide sales.

DIC will retain the worldwide rights to the character, except for Scandanavia-Troll Co. is headquartered in Denmark.

DIC Entertainment develops and produces kids’ TV programming and last year launched the DIC Kids’ Network, which provides programs to more than 400 stations across the U.S.