DHS Not Talking Money With Turner


A spokesman for The Department of Homeland Security says it is not in discussions with Turner Broadcasting "at this time" about any possible payment for its time and trouble in responding to the Boston bomb scare that turned out to be a marketing campaign for Turner's Cartoon Network.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts attorney general's office said late Friday that there would be no announcement about a Turner restitution payment--likely in the $1 million range--for prompting the scare. Turner volunteered to compensate the City.

While Attorney General Martha Coakley's office said that it believed it was close to resolving the matter Friday, it said the parties would meet again Monday, Feb. 5, and expected to "finalize the arrangements."

DHS spokesman Russ Knocke said the "hoax" was a burden on its national operations center staffers as well as they monitored the events and made sure it was not part of a wider event. "It was a considerable waste of resources," he said, though he couldn't put a dollar figure on it."