In Development for 2003-04 Season


Kevin Hart Presentation

Imagine/20th Century Fox

Rich black man from Malibu moves in with Philly working-class relatives

Dan Finnerty Project

Warner Bros./Mohawk, Wonderland

An average guy finds himself the star performer at his family's lounge

Jenny McCarthy Project


Heiress loses all of her money and has to lead a "regular" life

These Guys


Four men face marriage, parenthood, divorce and dating; Tim Allen narrates

Tom Hertz Project

20th Century Fox/Brad Grey

Introverted New Yorker marries into gregarious family from Kansas

My Life With Men


Woman struggles to raise four sons, her father and her husband

Flett-Giordano / Ranberg Proj.


Man from conservative family and his girlfriend, whose parents are gay

Hope and Faith

Touchstone/Industry Ent.

Housewife and her sister, a popular soap opera actress, have to move in together

I'm With Her


Based on Chris Henchy's marriage to actress Brooke Shields

Platonically Incorrect


Straight Will & Grace; platonic relationship between a man and a woman

Hench at Home

Touchstone/DreamWorks/Lottery Hill

Michael J. Fox's hockey sitcom


111 Gramercy Park

Tannenbaum/Warner Bros.

The very rich and those who serve them in upscale New York apartment building

The Circle (aka Alaska)


Alaskan state trooper and his team investigate major crimes

The D.A.

Warner Bros.

Mysteries solved by flawed, combative characters of the Los Angeles D.A.'s office

The Flannerys

Warner Bros./Tollin-Robbins

Funny Irish dad opens storefront law practice after being fired from prominent firm

The Partners


Unlikely pair of female undercover cops solve crimes

Karen Sisco

Jersey TV/Universal

Federal marshal based on J. Lo's character in Out of Sight

The Street Lawyer


Based on John Grisham's best-selling novel

Then Came Jones


In El Paso, Texas, in 1899, the story of a man ladies love and men fear

Threat Matrix

Industry TV/Touchstone

Men and women of the Department of Homeland Security



Rookie cops and their training officers in the L.A. County Sheriff's Department

Lines of Duty


An ambitious group of new FBI agents fight organized crime


The Nicole Sullivan Project


Veterinarian marries a man with four brothers

Rubbing Charlie

Big Ticket

Uptight doctor meets quirky masseuse and rethinks his life

All Grown Up

Warner Bros.

Couple wants to have children but wonders, worries if they are ready

Family Show


Parents take in their son, his girlfriend and the young couple's new baby

Two and a Half Men

Warner Bros.

Playboy's life changes when his younger brother and nephew move in

Crazy Love


Man gets married and adopts a baby girl from China

The Lunchbox Chronicles


Widowed mother of elementary-age boys gets through her stressful life

Harry's Girl

Warner Bros./CBS

30-year-old woman hasn't met all her goals, but her dog keeps her company

The Stones

Warner Bros.

Parents of two twentysomethings suddenly announce they're divorcing


Violent Crimes


Partnership of two Boston policewomen

Henry Lee


Oakland policeman turns private eye

Not a Clue

20th Century Fox/Spyglass Ent.

Students become apprentice crime-solvers

Century City


The legal system in 2053

Joan of Arcadia

Sony, CBS

Daughter whose dad talks to God, mother deals with disabled brother


Warner Bros./CBS

Only female member of Philadelphia's homicide squad solves cold cases

Street Boss

Viacom Productions

"Handler" prepares street operatives to go undercover

Expert Witness

20th Century Fox

Three specialists work together to determine why people commit crimes

Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.

20th Century Fox

Three brothers and one-time local hockey stars tackle grown-up life

JAG Spinoff Project


Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigates Navy crimes


Arrested Development


Widower reluctantly ends up the head of his eccentric family

About a Boy

Universal/Tribeca/Working Title

Adapted from the film; playboy ends up with 12-year-old buddy

Big Wide World of Carl Laemke


Ironic look at suburban life

Cracking Up

20th/Brad Grey TV

Psychology student moves into Beverly Hills guest house of wacky family

The Snobs


Social-climbing clan must welcome husband's son with a stripper into the family

A Minute With Stan Hooper


Newsman relocates from Manhattan to Midwest

Pool at Maddy Breaker's


What happens when the popular girls grow up


20th/Brad Grey TV

Story of three Green Bay, Wis., families


Tollin-Robbins/Warner Bros.

Brilliant twins move back in together after failing in the real world



Luis Guzman owns a donut shop and building in Spanish Harlem

Senor White


Texan moves to Mexico with his girlfriend

Jack's House


Immature 27-year-old buys a house, his friends move in


The Break


Cop returns to live with his family in Hawaii

No Place Like Home


Couple from very different families marry

NYPD 2069


Cop show set in the future

The O.C.

Warner Bros./Wonderland/Hypnotic

What happens beneath the surface in seemingly perfect Orange County, Calif.


Warner Bros./Bruckheimer

Modern-day Romeo and Juliet about two warring Los Angeles families



Close-knit group of friends are rattled when core twosome breaks up

Still Life


Story of a family told through the eyes of their murdered eldest son

True Calling


Woman fights crime and saves lives when she realizes she can live days over

Wonder Falls


Magic meets reality for twentysomething who works in a souvenir shop



Pariah/Hat Trick

Luis and his Mexican family host a talk show from their backyard

Happy Family


Parents' grown children keep moving back in

Alligator Point


Cheers of the South: eclectic folks at a Florida restaurant

The Ripples


Couple married for 4,000 years have a son who looks 15 but is really 3,985

Touch 'Em All McCall


Tom Selleck returns to his hometown to make a new life

Once Around the Park


Couple rekindles their love after 10 years though their teenage children disapprove

Howie Mandel Project

Pariah/NBC/He's Mean LLC

Father of three who does hidden-camera bits on Tonight Show



Based on British series. Love and lust among a group of thirtysomethings

Gated World


Radio host as ex-cop who becomes a guard in a gated community


Warner Bros.

Charmed in reverse: romantic comedy about male witch in love with a mortal

Stuck in the Middle With You


Family struggles to stay part of the middle class

Come to Papa

Warner Bros./NBC

Based on Tom Papa's standup act; an aspiring writer in New Jersey

Mr. Ambassador


Fish-out-of-water comedy about a British ambassador in D.C.

Whoopi Goldberg Project


Goldberg's take on life

Tracy Morgan Project


Morgan stars in family comedy based on his life




It didn't work as a sitcom, so try a drama: U.S. Attorney's office in New York

Future Tense

Warner Bros./NBC/Silver Pictures

High-tech law-enforcement unit in the near future

Las Vegas


High-stakes world of Las Vegas casinos, security and money

The Lyon's Den

Twentieth/Brad Grey TV

Rob Lowe as a lawyer, but not in the West Wing



Clueless grown up: divorce attorney Alicia Silverstone moonlights as a matchmaker

Sunset Division


Crossing Jordan spin-off

Homeland Security


Government agency fights terrorism


All About the Andersons

Warner Bros.

Based on Anthony Anderson's comedy; single dad tries to work as an actor

Are We There Yet?


Dad takes the family to Europe, but the kids just want to travel on their own

Eddie's Father

Pariah, Warner Bros.

Modern-day version of Courtship of Eddie's Father

Exit 9

Warner Bros.

Dad teaches son to be a bookie; daughter is boy-crazy; mom is goody two-shoes

The Help

Original, Warner Bros.

Maid finds herself in the middle of domestic strife

Like Family

Warner Bros.

A white family and an African-American family share the same house

Run of the House

Tannenbaum/Warner Bros.

Older siblings raise 15-year-old when parents retire to Florida

Sixteen to Life


Class-conscious comedy about working-class girl and her country-club boyfriend

Sweet Potato Queens

Warner Bros.

Adapted from best-seller; mother-daughter relationships in the Deep South


Happy Madison/Sony

An 18-year-old becomes mayor



Life in a trailer park


Chasing Alice

First Move TV/Warner Bros.

Scotland Yard inspector goes through the looking glass to find her missing sister

Family Curse


Family adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Spy Kids


Bruckheimer/Warner Bros.

Ensemble crime drama about woman who lacks the fear gene

Gilmore Girls spinoff

Warner Bros.

Rory Gilmore's boyfriend Jess moves to Venice, Calif., to live with his father

Lori Loughlin family drama


Single woman's life changes when sister's three children are orphaned



Remake of the popular television show

One Tree Hill

Tollin/Robbins/Warner Bros.

Half-brothers share a love for basketball and the same girl

Other People's Business

Jersey TV, Sony

After community-college course, friends open their own detective firm

Tarzan and Jane

Warner Bros.

Adaptation of popular story, with WB twist

The Gong Show


Update of the classic game show

Here Come the Johnsons

Endemol USA

Mix of improv and reality as a fake family takes up residence in a small town

Make My Day

Monkey TV UK/Brad Grey TV

Hidden-camera show

The Steve Harvey Project


Prime time talk/variety show


The Mullet Boys

Tannenbaum/Warner Bros.

Contractors wearing mullet hairstyles work, drink and dream of a better life

The Opposite Sex

Greenblatt-Janollari/Warner Bros.

Beautiful, smart woman navigates the 21st century world of love, sex, and career

Old School (working title)


Twentysomethings face life after high school and find things haven't changed much

Rock Me Baby

Flame Ent./Warner Bros.

Radio shock jock's life is turned upside down when his wife has a baby

All of Us

Overbrook Ent./Warner Bros.

Entertainment reporter, his ex-wife and his fiancée work together to raise his son

Game Over


3-D CGI animated series about a suburban family in an alternate suburban universe


The Edge

20th Century Fox

Three rookies are inducted into the Southwest border task force to fight crime

Nanobot Project

Roundtable Ent./Viacom

Jake Reed gets to be both superhero and secret agent when infected by nanobots

Vegas Dick

Eye Productions

Former con man wants to go straight, becomes detective at a Vegas casino


Joel Silver Pictures/Warner Bros.

Man takes new job as sheriff of planned community run by a corporation


Novi Pictures/Spelling

What goes on at a hip hotel in South Beach, Fla.